Vivak Nature is a tourist adventure and extreme sports firm, sprung from the road crossing of two mountain lovers addicted to the sensation that the nature provides. We are supporters of making this world accessible to whoever would like, and here is when the moment comes for us to create Vivak Nature, with the same values as the members that form it, shearing the ideals of passion for mountain, sport, nature and adventure. As it could not be any other way, the sustainability becomes a key factor in the development of this project, actively maintaining the natural world that surrounds us with decisions as such as collaborating with the local trade, work with ethical banks (Triodos Bank), not including motor activities or giving free recycling , ecological culture and environment courses. From Vivak Nature we want to encourage and give you a warm welcoming to this addictive world of extreme sports and remember, whatever activity you do and whoever you do it with, there are two basic premises you must demand: responsibility and sustainability.

Vias ferratas
Bungee Jumping

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Camino Nuevo del Cementerio, 72, 18009 Granada,18009,Granada



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