Explore the rich heritage of wine and rum on the Costa Tropical.

Indulge in exquisite wines and spirits amidst breathtaking coastal scenery. Discover the art of crafting exceptional beverages in this idyllic Mediterranean setting.


Enotourism on the Costa Tropical de Granada offers a captivating journey through the rich viticultural heritage of this sun-kissed region. Nestled along the picturesque southern coast of Spain, this area boasts a centuries-old tradition of winemaking, nurtured by a unique microclimate and fertile soils.

Visitors embarking on an enotourism adventure will have the opportunity to explore vineyards that flourish against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. The warm, Mediterranean climate imparts distinctive characteristics to the grapes, resulting in wines that are as diverse as the landscapes from which they hail.

Guided tours through local wineries provide a firsthand look at the winemaking process, from grape to bottle. Guests can witness the meticulous care that goes into cultivating and harvesting the grapes, followed by the artful techniques employed in fermentation and aging.

Tastings present an exquisite array of wines, showcasing the region’s signature varietals. From crisp, aromatic whites to robust, full-bodied reds, each sip tells a story of the terroir and the hands that crafted it.

Beyond the vineyards, enotourists can immerse themselves in the cultural tapestry of the Costa Tropical. Charming villages, nestled among the hillsides, offer a glimpse into the local way of life. Traditional Andalusian cuisine, expertly paired with the region’s wines, elevates the sensory experience.

The Costa Tropical de Granada beckons to wine enthusiasts, inviting them to savor the flavors, relish the landscapes, and discover the time-honored traditions that have shaped this vibrant corner of Spain. Whether a seasoned oenophile or a casual enthusiast, enotourism here promises a truly unforgettable and enriching adventure.

Bodega Señorío de Nevada

Bodega Señorío de Nevada

Bodega Señorío de Nevada in Cónchar, nestled against the Sierra Nevada mountains and under the influence of the Costa Tropical, epitomizes the region’s winemaking excellence. From these conditions and the grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Garnacha, Viognier, and Vigiriego, they obtain delicious, aromatic wines with a very distinctive personality.
This modern yet tradition-respecting winery offers immersive tours, showcasing meticulous grape cultivation and state-of-the-art production.
Tastings reveal a diverse range of exceptional wines, reflecting Granada’s terroir.
The on-site restaurant pairs wines with gourmet local fare. You can also stay at the hotel.

Guided tours
Visitors to the winery are treated to an immersive experience, delving into every facet of winemaking. Guided tours lead guests through the lush vineyards, where they can witness the meticulous care devoted to the cultivation of the grapes. The tour then progresses to the state-of-the-art winemaking facilities, where innovation and expertise converge to craft exceptional vintages.
On Wine tastings guests have the opportunity to sample a diverse selection of wines, each expressing the unique characteristics of the terroir. From the crisp freshness of whites to the bold richness of reds, the wines here exemplify the diversity and quality that define the Granada wine region.

Visits are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays at 11am in English, and at 12:30pm in Spanish, always with prior registration, either by phone  or email.
Price: €12 per person with a tasting of one wine, or €16 if you prefer to taste three of our varieties.

Bodega Señorío de Nevada

Contact information

It’s located just about 25 minutes from the center of Granada,  and 30 minutes from Motril. Follow the A44 highway (Sierra Nevada-Costa Tropical highway) on direction to Granada, take the exit 153 and follow GR-3208 road for 1,1 km.

Location: Ctra. de Cónchar, s/n, 18659, Villamena Granada
Teléfono: n958 777 092

Emaill: reservas@senoriodenevada.es

Ron Montero Distillery

Ron Montero distillery

Established in 1963, the Ron Montero Winery lies at the heart of the Costa Tropical, an area steeped in ancient sugarcane cultivation. Founder Francisco Montero Martín envisioned creating an impeccable rum with subtle aromas and a refined taste, a legacy meticulously preserved by his successors for over fifty years.

Embracing a familial and artisanal approach, Ron Montero employs the time-honored solera and criaderas system to craft two distinct qualities: reserva and gran reserva. Their annual production, a modest 240,000 liters, finds its way primarily to Andalusia, as well as select regions within Spain and abroad.

What truly distinguishes them is an unwavering commitment to premium raw materials, the use of pristine barrels, and a slow, traditional aging process within soleras and criaderas.

This rum winery is the only one in Europe that can be visited, where you can taste rums and learn about the production process that has earned worldwide recognition. Discover their history and the traditional rum-making process.


They offer guided tours free of charge from Monday to Saturday, at 12 pm in Spanish and at 1 pm in English. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and it includes rum tasting.
Upon request (with 1 week’s notice), tours can be provided in German, Swedish, French, and Danish.
For visits outside of these hours or for group inquiries, please contact them on:
Telephone 629 223 428
Email: visitas@ronmontero.com


Location: Camino de la Vía, s/n, 18613 Motril, Granada

Bodegas Calvente

Bodega Calvente Jete

Nestled in the picturesque village of Jete, at the foothills of the stunning Sierra de Almijara, Bodegas Calvente offers a wine tasting experience that combines the richness of local tradition with the artistry of winemaking. This family-owned vineyard and winery invites visitors on a guided tour that unveils the secrets behind their exceptional wines, allowing guests to savor the essence of the Costa Tropical in every sip.

Upon arrival at Bodegas Calvente, guests are greeted by the breathtaking surroundings of the Rio Verde Valley. The guided tour commences with an introduction to the history and legacy of the Calvente family, whose dedication to winemaking spans generations. Visitors gain insight into the vineyard’s commitment to sustainable and organic practices, which play a crucial role in producing high-quality grapes.

Led by experienced guides, visitors are led through the meticulously tended vineyards, where rows of lush grapevines bask in the Mediterranean sun. The guides offer a detailed explanation of the unique terroir that characterizes this region, including the influence of the surrounding mountains, the microclimate, and the specific soil compositions that contribute to the distinct flavors of Calvente wines.

Descending into the underground cellars, guests are enveloped in the cool, dimly lit atmosphere, where barrels and tanks house the aging wines. The guides provide a captivating narrative of the winemaking process, from fermentation to barrel aging, emphasizing the artisanal techniques employed by Bodegas Calvente to craft their signature blends.

Bodega Calvente Jete Costa Tropical

After the insightful tour, guests are welcomed into the charming tasting room, where the true magic happens. Here, an array of meticulously selected wines await, each representing the pinnacle of Calvente’s craftsmanship. From crisp, aromatic whites to robust, full-bodied reds, the tasting experience showcases the diverse range of wines produced by the vineyard. The wine tasting with pairing consists of a tasting of a selection of 5 wines, accompanied by a delicious sampling, achieving a perfect harmony between wine and some appetizers. For the little ones, they offer a children’s tasting for them, where they can join in the tasting with juices and soft drinks, enjoying toasting and sharing with the grown-ups.

Knowledgeable sommeliers or guides lead guests through the tasting, providing detailed tasting notes and sharing their expertise on the characteristics of each wine. They offer valuable insights into the optimal serving temperatures and potential food pairings, allowing guests to fully appreciate the nuances of each varietal.

Location: Calle Viñilla 7, Jete, Granada

Guided visits are carried out by appointment and for a limited number of people. Book online on thier website.

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