Raise Your Glass: Discover the Best Pubs and Tapas Bars on the Costa Tropical!

It’s always thirsty weather on the Costa Tropical, which is why there is usually a pub or a bar of some kind within twenty paces of wherever you happen to be standing at any given moment.
Bars in Spain are not the same as bars in the rest of Europe. Broadly speaking there are two types of bars here: tapas bars and late pubs. The former usually sell food, and give free tapas (snacks) with drinks.
Foreigners get often shocked to see young children in Spanish bars late at night. But this is quite normal in Spain, where the distinction between day and night isn’t as important as it is in other countries, and where bars have traditionally been places where families meet up and neighbours socialize. Spanish pubs – especially in small towns – function almost as community centres. What foreigners also tend to forget is that Spaniards never sleep! Well, apart from taking a little siesta in the afternoon, while all the visiting Englishmen (not to mention mad dogs) are out in the hot midday sun getting burned to a crisp.

Late bars don’t open until around 10pm, and only begin to fill up with people at midnight, closing at three or four in the morning (many people then go on to night-clubs). Very few Spaniards go out before midnight during the summer months, and it is not unusual to see bleary-eyed revellers rolling out of all-night clubs into the bright morning sunshine.

spanish bar

Tapas Bars

Most bars in the south of Spain give a free tapa – a food snack – with every drink ordered. This can be anything from a slice of bread and cheese or jamon (bacon), to a small burger with french fries. Many bars offer a selection of tapas – typically up to five items – with a different tapa served with each successive drink ordered. Many Spaniards visit tapas bars instead of having dinner. Eating in this fashion is called “tapeart” in Spanish. Basically it means eating a number of small snacks (between drinks!) instead of having one large meal. As the weather on the Costa Tropical is warm almost year-round, it is usually possible to eat and drink outside in the open air.

Drink Prices

In general, the prices of alcoholic drinks in Spain are lower than in most other European countries. In view of the fact that drinks are usually served with a free tapa, going out for a drink in Spain represents very good value for your money.
Buying alcoholic drinks in shops and supermarkets is also substantially cheaper in Spain than in most other countries. Wine, in particular, is very cheap, with prices starting at less than 2 euros for a bottle.

Our recommended tapas bars in Granada

Bodegas Castañeda

 This is an iconic spot in the heart of Granada since 1927, renowned for the finest vermouth, tapas, and Iberian cold cuts. We highly recommend their famous cold or hot boards (tabla fría or tabla caliente) which are an assortment of tapas (typically enough for 3 or 4 people). Also, do not miss to try the typical drink Calicasas, contanining vermout, sweet wine and soda, among other secret ingredients. Address: Calle Almireceros 1.

bodegas castaneda

Saint Germain

A recommended spot for wine lovers near Gran Vía and Mercado de San Agustín. They offer an extensive wine list including wines from various regions, available by the glass or bottle. This bar is also renowned for its variety and quality of tostas, cured meats, cheeses, and giant “salaillas.”  The tapas are excellent and differ from traditional Granada tapas, although they are not selectable. If you’re a wine aficionado looking to try different wines served with unique tapas, this is the place for you. We recommend getting there early (1 pm at noon or 8 pm in the evening), as it fills up quickly. Reservations are necessary for dining on the terrace. Address: C. Postigo Velutti, 4. Tel: 958200037

st germain

Los Altramuces

Abundant and delicious tapas in the heart of Realejo. This bar is located in Campo del Príncipe, one of the most historic, and emblematic squares in Granada. This district is perpetually alive with local residents enjoying beers and tapas at the multitude of bars and terraces that encircle it. In addition to tapas, they serve many types of traditional Andalusian dishes. Ideal for families, as children can play on the swings in the square. Address: Campo del Príncipe s/n.

los altramuces

Taberna Granados

Located near the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias and El Corte Inglés, Taberna Granados is one of the oldest bars in Granada. Its interior boasts traditional, with soft lighting, wooden furniture, and tiled walls. Whether at the bar, inside tables, or on the terrace, you can enjoy Granados’ tapas. While tapas aren’t selectable with drinks, rest assured that they are all worth trying. Address: Carrera de la Virgen, 44.

taberna granados

Café Bar Damasqueros

 Another great tapas bar in Realejo. In summer, we recommend sitting on the terrace and observing the lively street life of Realejo, while in winter its interior is very warm and cosy, and board games are available on request. Address: Cuesta del Realejo, 3.


La Tabernilla del Darro

Tabernilla del Darro is a charming bar and restaurant located on the iconic street Acera del Darro on the foot of the Alhambra. This was a former arab cistern (aljibe) turn into a cozy taver known for its inviting atmosphere. They have a wide range of wines and plates of local Granada cuisine in an innovative way. We specially reccomend ordering local artichokes with ham or the board of granadinian cheese. Address: Puente de Espinosa, 15.

tabernilla del darro


As mentioned above, there are thousands of pubs and bars in the Granada and Costa Tropical area, and obviously we cannot list them all here. Instead, we have focused on pubs that are well-known or distinctive in some way – in other words, pubs with character, or which are likely to be of interest to foreigners for one reason or another. Most of the bars listed here are “international”, which is generally taken to mean that staff speak or at least understand English, and the music is not confined to Eurovision-style Spanish pop songs.
We should mention that pubs spring up and disappear like mushrooms in the south of Spain, so we apologise in advance if any of the bars recommended here no longer exist by the time you go to look for them. We have listed only bars that have been around for at least several years, so hopefully they’ll still be in existence by the time you visit them. However, if you discover any of the information here – or, indeed, on any page of this website – to be inaccurate or obsolete, please let us know by email and we will make whatever updates may be necessary. This website is updated regularly.

huerto del loro4

Huerto del Loro

We highly recommend Huerto del Loro Terrace for a memorable evening where you can relax and take in the breathtaking panoramic views of the Albaicín and Granada. Particularly interesting at sunset. They offer a wide selection of cocktails. Open in spring and summer from 4pm, Thursday to Sunday.

Address: Cuesta de la Churra, 4, Granada

Hannigan & Sons

Widely acknowledged the best Irish pub in Granada. This is the preferred watering hole for the expat community and international students. The clientele is diverse in nationality and age. Music, drinks, coffee, full Irish breakfast (recommended!) and hamburgers. Drinks available include draught Guinness and Murphys, and wide range of continental bottled beers. Opening hours:
Mon-Thur, 6 – 3am
Friday, 4.30pm – 4am.
Sat, 1pm – 4am
Sun, 1pm – 3am


Daly’s, Calle Santa Escolástica 15, Granada

La Tertulia, Pintor López Mezquita 3, Granada

Lemon Rock, Montalbán 6, Granada

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