Gluten-free restaurants in Granada and the Costa Tropical

Granada and the Costa Tropical offer a delightful culinary journey for those seeking gluten-free options. In recent years, the region has embraced the growing demand for gluten-free dining, making it a haven for individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. The charming city of Granada, with its historic streets and diverse gastronomic scene, has become a welcoming destination for gluten-free enthusiasts.

Granada’s gluten-free offerings extend beyond its iconic landmarks. As you explore the Albaicín, the Realejo, and the vibrant city center, you’ll find an array of bars and restaurants catering to gluten-conscious diners. From traditional Spanish tapas to international cuisines, Granada’s gluten-free establishments promise a flavorful experience without compromising dietary needs.

Venturing along the Costa Tropical, the coastal towns of Almuñécar, Motril, and Salobreña also embrace the gluten-free trend. The region’s fresh seafood, locally sourced produce, and culinary creativity converge to provide an enticing selection of gluten-free options. Imagine savoring delectable dishes with a seaside view, knowing that each bite aligns with your gluten-free preferences.

Whether you’re strolling through Granada’s bustling streets or relaxing on the beaches of the Costa Tropical, you’ll discover a diverse range of gluten-free bars and restaurants. From dedicated gluten-free establishments to mainstream venues offering carefully curated menus, the region ensures that gluten-intolerant visitors can indulge in the rich flavors of Spanish and international cuisine.

This guide aims to navigate you through the gluten-free culinary landscape of Granada and the Costa Tropical, ensuring that your gastronomic experience in this enchanting region is not only delicious but also accommodates your dietary requirements. Join us on a journey where gluten-free dining meets the warmth of Spanish hospitality, creating a memorable experience for every palate.

Let’s explore our selection of gluten-free restaurants in and around Granada.

Gluten-free restaurants in Granada

El Pescaíto de Carmela

This is a 100% gluten-free, seafood restaurant. They serve tapas, fried fish, rice and seafood. Located next to Granada cathedral and surrounded by emblematic squares of the historic centre of Granada such as Pescadería, Pasiegas and Bibrambla, its kitchen is open all day long: from 13 noon to 12 midnight. Address: C/ Marqués de Gerona, 12. Telephone: 958 255 797.

pescaito carmela

La Nonna Carmela

 100% gluten-free Italian restaurant. They serve pizzas with artisanal crust, fresh and dry pasta, lasagnas, and even desserts, all gluten-free.  Address: Plaza de Bib-Rambla, 6, Centro, 18001, Granada. Telephone: 958 52 27 77

El Quinteto

100% gluten-free Spanish cuisine with a modern twist at this bar-restaurant. Serving tapas and larger portions, the entire menu is gluten-free. A welcoming spot with a diverse range of dishes suitable for celiacs. Address: Solarillo de Gracia. Phone: 958264815.

quinteto gluten free

Restaurante "Aparicio's"

100% gluten-free traditional cuisine with innovative culinary techniques. Specializing in gluten-free recipes, nearly the entire menu is adapted. Their most successful dishes include battered and fried specialities such as croquettes, cachopo, or flamenquines since they achieve a gluten-free crispy, golden exterior. Address: Calle Martínez Campos, 19, Ronda, 18002, Granada. Phone: 958 08 60 12.

Taberna Tacón Flamenco

Cozy 100% gluten-free bar with a flamenco theme, offering Spanish tapas, beer, and fine wines. They also serve gluten-free breakfasts. Address: Calle Santa Paula, corner of Azacayas, Granada. Phone: 665 17 22 84.

tacon flamenco

Kiosko Las Titas

Kiosko Las Titas is an Art Nouveau-style establishment located between Paseo del Salón and Paseo de la Bomba in Granada, facing the Fountain of the Lions. It features a spacious terrace in the gardens along the Genil River. They serve Spanish cuisine tapas and dishes, offering numerous gluten-free options. Address: Paseo de la Bomba, s/n, 18009, Granada.

las titas

El Piano

vegan food

El Piano is a 100% gluten-free and vegan restaurant in Granada that serves dishes from around the world. The menu features a variety of traditional Spanish dishes and international flavors. They offer a daily selection of 15 homemade dishes, all of which are gluten-free and vegan. The kitchen is limited to only four allergens. They use chickpea flour, buckwheat, and natural gluten-free products. They also serve trays where you can add the ingredients you desire. It offers takeout options. Address: Calle Santiago 2, Granada

Wild Food

vegan food

Spacious and cosmopolitan restaurant offering vegan dishes and internationally inspired desserts. The menu features globally inspired dishes made with fresh ingredients. They have pizzas, burgers, and many more gluten-free options. Address: Plaza Isabel la Católica, 5, 18009, Granada

Mostaza Green Burguer

Their menu include gluten-free burgers. They have several locations in Granada: City center at Pl. de la Alhóndiga, 1, 18001; North area at Av. Federico García Lorca, 16, 18014; PTS area at Av. de la Ilustración, 115, 18016.

Restaurante El Nopal

Gluten-free options include quesadillas, fajitas, and nachos. Address: Ancha de Gracia, 3, Ronda, 18002, Granada. Phone: 605 89 01 02.

Sancho Casual Burger

Gluten-free burguers, chips, beer and desserts. Address: C. Tejeiro, 20, Ronda, 18005 Granada. Telephone: 958 25 46 54

Botanico Café

The menu include numerous celiac-friendly options. Tapas, pasta and fussion style food. Address: C. Málaga, 3, Centro, 18001 Granada. Telephone: 958 27 15 98

Gluten-free cafés in Granada

Rue de la Crêpe

The city’s first 100% gluten-free creperie, located in the Plaza de la Universidad next to the Faculty of Law. Their menu features sweet and savory crepes, smoothies, waffles, pancakes, and coffee. All items are crafted using buckwheat flour, a gluten-free grain. Location: Plaza de la universidad, 1, Centro, 18001 Granada

Gluten-free restaurants on the Costa Tropical


Boca Beach 

Street food and gluten-free burguers, sandwiches and bocadillos. They do deliveries. Adress: C. Rector David Aguilar Peña, 56, 18613, Motril. Telephone: 958 62 05 97

El Parke Coffee&Food

They have gluten-free empanadas, omelettes, salads and scrambled eggs. Address: Parque de los Pueblos de América, 18600, Motril. Telephone: 722 84 52 60

La Herradura

La Rihana

100% gluten-free restaurant with no cross-contamination. Free tapa with your drink. Address: Eucaliptos Street, 2, 18697, La Herradura. Phone: 693 86 40 70.

Gluten-free cafés in the Costa Tropical


Sugar Café

Cafeteria and churreria offering gluten-free products with guarantees. Address: Calle Rio Mundo, 10, 18600, Motril. Phone: 677 12 92 13

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