Jose Antonio Garcia Reyerta

The lead singer of 091 brings his new show to Lorca Center, aiming to unveil a new facet of the poet.

The Federico García Lorca Center hosts on April 5th and 6th, starting at 9:00 PM, the premiere of the show ‘Reyerta: Granada, New York, Havana’ by José Antonio García, which approaches the poet’s work from a rock perspective.

The work of Federico García Lorca has been a source of inspiration for thousands of musical pieces of all kinds, from Flamenco to classical music. But rarely has our poet been approached from the realm of Rock and its fiercer neighboring styles, such as Punk.

REYERTA is an original and fresh look at the eternal poetry of the brilliant Granada poet, a vision that becomes aware of the raging novelty and transgression that dwell in his work and that claim new languages to enhance its strength and depth.

To carry out this task, José Antonio García, vocalist of authentic and renowned bands such as 091 or TNT, and one of the most charismatic voices in this country, has surrounded himself with a diverse and complementary group of artists who become allies in this show where various paths converge.

Alongside García’s voice, we will find the lyrical beauty of the Granada Chamber Choir, directed by Jorge Rodríguez Morata, an essential conductor in recent years, accompanied by the string quartet led by concertmaster Fernando Cornejo. Flamenco will come from the hand of José Cortés “El Pirata,” one of the most brilliant and promising guitarists of today. Rounding out the musical lineup is Nicolás Hernández-Carrillo leading a powerful rock band that brings novelty and experimentation to the show. All of this, combined with the set design by Miguel Serrano, a historic figure in Granada’s theater scene and seasoned in Lorquian theater, makes Reyerta a necessary, new, and vibrant show, as Granada as it is universal.

The powerful and exciting promotional poster is designed by the Granada-based designer Jesús Gilabert. The Unicaja Foundation has entrusted and supported the realization of this project. The show will premiere at the International Poetry Festival of Granada.


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