Motril Centro Rendimiento Playa Granada

Motril’s city council has given the initial nod to amend the SUS PLA 1 and 2 sections of its broader Urban Development Plan, setting the stage for a specialized Sports Training Center geared towards eleven-a-side football.

The city of Motril is moving forward with its plans to greenlight the SUS PLA-1 and PLA-2 sectors in Playa Granada, envisioning the establishment of a top-tier Sports Training Center.

Mayor Luisa García Chamorro of Motril expressed her enthusiasm for this initiative, highlighting its potential to significantly elevate the city’s profile by positioning sports as a central element to attract both local residents and tourists.

This venture aligns with Motril’s overarching urban development strategy, aiming to create a cutting-edge sports facility primarily focused on outdoor football training and skill development. The chosen locations in Playa Granada meet specific criteria, fulfilling size and zoning requirements that were previously not addressed in the existing regulations.

Deputy Mayor Nicolás Navarro emphasized that this planning approval will consolidate multiple plots to accommodate an innovative sports facility. This move is anticipated to rejuvenate the Playa Granada area and amplify tourism initiatives, offering elite athletes and rising stars an optimal setting for training and development.

Navarro underscored Motril’s dedication to bolstering its sports infrastructure, noting the pivotal role of the forthcoming High-Performance Center, particularly emphasizing its specialization in eleven-a-side football. This strategic endeavor strengthens Motril’s position within the broader sports facilities landscape of Granada province and fosters collaboration with other esteemed institutions like the Sierra Nevada High-Performance Center, attracting a diverse array of athletes.

To conclude, Mayor García Chamorro reiterated Motril’s unwavering commitment to urban and coastal development, asserting that this upcoming facility will solidify the city’s reputation as a premier destination for athletes throughout Andalusia, leveraging the unique climatic and geographical advantages of Granada’s Costa Tropical region.

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