Costa Tropical Beaches

Your guide to the best beaches

The Costa Tropical has 28 kilometres (18 miles) of beaches. The mountains run right down to the sea in this area, creating a series of coves and promontories along the coastline, and making this one of the most picturesque sections of the southern Spanish coast. It is also one of the least populated, as the beaches here are less known to foreign visitors than those of the Costa del Sol further along the coast to the west. For the time being, at least, the Costa Tropical is still off the beaten tourist track.

Playa El Caletón (Salobreña)

Playa Caletón – Salobreña 
One of the secluded coves of Salobreña, near the border with the municipality of Almuñécar. It can be reached on foot from La Caleta. Caletón Beach is composed of gravel and rocks. It measures a little over 30 meters in length and 10 meters in width. Caletón boasts calm, crystal-clear waters and spectacular seabeds, making it ideal for diving and fishing with a rod. The beach does not have any kind of services or lifeguard station.

Playa El Cambrón

Playa El Cambrón – Salobreña 
A small beach, 86 meters long by 21 meters wide, located next to the urbanized area of Torre del Cambrón. It is a beach made of pebbles and gravel, and the sea conditions usually feature moderate waves. The access is only by walking. During your visit to the cove, we recommend wearing comfortable and closed-toe footwear as the terrain is rocky and the hill is steep. This beach does not have any kind of services. For these reasons, its level of occupancy is low.

Salomar beach

Playa de la Charca / Salomar – Salobreña 
It is located just a few minutes from the center of Salobreña. It stretches for about 1800 meters with an average width of 64 meters. This is an extensive and wide beach with a mix of gravel and sand, offering a family-friendly atmosphere and good amenities. Its crystal-clear waters make it attractive for diving, windsurfing, or paddleboarding for much of the year. There are numerous services available, such as umbrella and sunbed rentals, and even small boats. It features a promenade lined with various residential developments and buildings associated with tourism.

La Guardia Beach

Playa la Guardia – Salobreña

La Guardia is a fairly extensive beach, surrounded by agricultural fields, with some amenities. Located in a district of the municipality of Salobreña, it is a dark sandy beach, stretching 1100 meters in length and 25 meters in width. It experiences little wave action. Despite its proximity to the town center, it tends to be less crowded than other beaches along the Granada coast. This beautiful family-friendly beach has a unique feature: the so-called “chozas,” made of reeds by local residents and equipped with barbecues, tables or chairs in some, and even bedrooms in others. La Guardia offers lifeguard and rescue services, cleaning, restrooms and showers, parking, rental of sunbeds, umbrellas, and water sports equipment. It can be accessed on foot, by car, or by urban bus. There are several beach bars, one of which is nestled in the rocks. It is separated from Charca Beach by a large rock.

Punta del Rio Salobreña

Punta del Río – Salobreña 
This beach in Salobreña, also known as La Cagadilla, is a long and narrow strip of sand and gravel along an agricultural area. It is located between the Guadalfeo River and the boundary of the municipality of Motril. It measures 1,200 meters in length and 30 meters in width. The sand color is dark, mainly composed of sand and gravel. The area experiences moderate waves. It typically has a low occupancy rate due to its isolated location and lack of clear signage.