Weather conditions on the Costa Tropical de Granada

The Costa Tropical de Granada is Europe’s only subtropical microclimate. The region is sheltered from the worst effects of the European winters by the Sierra Nevada mountains to the North, while Africa to the South helps buffer the harsh effects of both Mediterranean and Atlantic weather, giving warm southerly breezes. The result is an exceptionally pleasant and healthy climate, with sunshine virtually all year round. In fact the Costa Tropical gets an average 320 days of sunshine per year. In the “winter”, mid-day temperatures average a remarkable 18 degrees centigrade. During summer this average rises to about 25 degrees, with midday temperatures often reaching 30 degrees or more, but there is none of the stifling humidity common to the tropics. The World Health Organization recently declared the Costa Tropical to be one of the healthiest places on earth to live.

From the snowy peaks to the sun-drenched beach in just over an hour...

Amazingly, it is only an hour’s drive from this subtropical coastline to the Sierra Nevada ski resort – the warmest and most southerly in Europe – where it is possible to ski and snowboard for eight months of the year. In Granada, you can spend the morning skiing on the snow slopes, and the afternoon sunbathing on the beach!

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Costa Tropical
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