Residents of the Costa Tropical create the platform ‘Say no to the towers’ to stop the installation of wind farm plans on the Granada coast. More than 700 square kilometers would be at stake in projects ranging from Motril to Adra, just 7 kilometers from Cape Sacratif, according to the organization.

Last Monday, the platform ‘Say no to the towers’ conveyed to the Government Delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, their concern about two proposals for wind farms off the coast of Granada These “megaparks” would cover more than 700 square kilometers with 112 gigantic wind turbines over 270 meters high, projected from Motril to Adra, in Almería, just seven kilometers from Cape Sacratif. The collective bases its concern on the “serious impact” that these plans would have on the fragile ecosystem of the Alboran Sea, endangering marine flora and fauna, as well as affecting the migratory routes of birds and cetaceans. In addition, they warn that they would threaten fishing activity in the area, already limited, and would have a negative visual impact on the future tourism of the Granada coast, in addition to representing a risk for navigation.

During the visit of the Government Delegate in Andalusia, Mr. Pedro Fernández, to Playa Granada, Motril, several members of the platform “Say no to the towers” expressed their concern about the two wind farm installation projects off the coast of Granada. They appreciate the Government Delegate’s willingness to listen to their concerns and commit to informing themselves and engaging in dialogue to better understand the situation.

The ‘Say no to the towers’ platform urges the population to oppose the installation of a wind farm megapark at sea. They will continue to inform the population and establish relationships with associations and institutions to prevent the implementation of these projects and protect the coasts of Granada and Almería.

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