Once again Almuñécar has been awarded the coveted Blue Flag status for five of its picturesque beaches—La Herradura, Marina del Este, San Cristóbal, Puerta del Mar, and Velilla. Adding to the accolades, the Marina del Este sports harbor secured its own Blue Flag, totaling an impressive six for the municipality.

This achievement reinforces Almuñécar La Herradura’s position as a coastal haven with one of the highest counts of Blue Flags in Andalusia, underscoring its reputation as the tourist capital of the Costa Tropical. The recognition signifies not only pristine beaches but a commitment to environmental excellence, safety, and top-tier amenities.

The Blue Flags symbolize more than just beach quality; they reflect the municipality’s dedication to sustainable tourism. Almuñécar La Herradura’s proactive measures in beach management, including investments in infrastructure and accessibility, appeal to both domestic and international tourists seeking an idyllic coastal getaway. With its six Blue Flags fluttering, the municipality not only revels in its success but sets a compelling example for other coastal destinations, demonstrating that tourism and the preservation of natural beauty can coexist harmoniously.

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