The planned eviction of squatters from 27 dwellings in Urbanización Almuñécar Hills, which was scheduled to begin on Thursday morning, has been temporarily halted. This development is largely due to the efforts of the Stop Desahucios protest group and the submission of documents by court-appointed lawyers on behalf of the affected families, highlighting their social vulnerability.

On the 28th of this month, property owners are set to reclaim nine dwellings that have already been cleared of squatters. The Stop Desahucios group has indicated a willingness to negotiate with the investment fund that owns the properties.

The remaining families have expressed their desire to pay “social rent” and have requested that further evictions be delayed until after the summer, allowing them more time to find alternative housing. They have also petitioned the court for permission to retrieve their belongings from their former homes.

The investment fund has not commented on the situation, despite inquiries from the provincial press.

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