Step into History: The Gollizno Trail Experience in Moclín

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The Gollizno Route is one of Granada’s most popular trails, in part because it’s suitable for the whole family. Hanging bridges and film-like footbridges, prehistoric paintings near the Corcuela Fountain, and the sound and freshness of the Velillos River will accompany you for much of the way. This adventurous spot makes it a perfect route for the whole family (provided they’re accustomed to physical activity), offering fun without danger.

In the Poniente region, 33 kilometers from Granada, lies the town of Moclín, where the Gollizno Route begins. Moclín is a village steeped in history, crowned by the famous castle. Built in the 9th century during Muslim rule of the Iberian Peninsula, the Castle of Moclín was initially a strategic defensive fortress that controlled an important area between Granada and Alcalá la Real. Its location atop a steep hill provided an advantageous position to watch over the surrounding territory and protect against potential invasions. Although much of the original structure has suffered damage over time and through conflicts, its imposing walls and towers can still be appreciated.

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During the Gollizno Route, you can also briefly divert to see prehistoric cave paintings up close. The trail is called PR-A 84, well signposted, and easy to follow. Children can easily do it if they’re used to walking in the countryside. The route is approximately 7 kilometers long and takes about 3 hours on average, depending on the pace and stops you wish to make. The trail’s difficulty level is easy, with some steep slopes and rocky terrain in certain sections.

As it’s a loop route, it can be done in both directions. We recommend starting the route in Olivares, where there’s a parking area, and from here heading uphill to Moclín. This stretch is about 2 km uphill among olive groves and pine forests and is best done when you’re fresh, especially on a hot day as certain parts lack shade. The track is wide and gravelly, ascending several steep sections and passing by the Hermitage of Las Angustias.

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Once in Moclín, pass by the Hermitage of San Antón and instead of heading into the town center, follow the PR-A 84 trail. First, you’ll go through a pine forest area, then continue descending. In this section, watch your step as the terrain is rocky. When you see a rock wall on the left, you can take a detour along the trail to reach the prehistoric cave paintings in 5 minutes. An informative panel has been installed. Return to the main path and arrive at the Corcuela Fountain, a shaded spot where you can rest. Children will enjoy walking along the spiral groove on the ground. A little further ahead, there’s a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the Gollizno and the Tózar and Limones valley, followed by a descent along a rocky path, but ropes have been installed to make it safer.

A bit further on, you’ll find the famous wooden footbridge and hanging bridge. The trail continues along the valley, and in the final stretch, it runs along the riverbank in a very cool area of riverside forest. The river appears greenish due to the presence of algae. Finally, you’ll reach the village of Olivares where there are bars and restaurants to replenish your energy.

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Distance: 8,7 km

Positive elevation gain: 404

Maximum height: 1100

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: Moderate


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