Carnival Celebrations in Granada: A Vibrant Fiesta of Culture and Tradition

Carnival, known as “Carnaval” in Spanish, is a lively and colourful celebration that takes place in cities and towns across Spain, including the province of Granada. Renowned for its festive atmosphere, vibrant costumes, and lively street parades, Carnival is a time for locals and visitors alike to come together and revel in the spirit of community and camaraderie.

Granada’s Carnival: A Fusion of Culture and Tradition

Granada’s Carnival celebrations are a spectacle of music, dance, and revelry, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region. The festivities typically kick off in February, with events and activities taking place throughout the city and its surrounding towns and villages.

In the province of Granada, Carnival is a time for locals to showcase their creativity and imagination through elaborate costumes and floats. The streets come alive with the sounds of lively music, as bands and performers entertain crowds with traditional songs and dances.

Alhama de Granada: A Carnival of Tradition and Heritage

In Alhama de Granada, Carnival takes on a unique character and is one of the oldest in Spain. The Carnival of Alhama is considered a Festival of Touristic Interest of Andalusia. The carnivals take place during the three days prior to Ash Wednesday, and the Sunday following it is the traditional Domingo de Piñata, one of the most anticipated events on the Carnival calendar in Alhama de Granada. The main square of the town (Paseo del Cisne) fills up during the four intense days with color, fun, and tradition, with all the murgas and comparsas, both local and from other municipalities of the Region, participating in the contest. The street becomes the ideal stage for sharing popular verses that critically refer to prominent events of the year. The neighbors cover their faces with masks made of fabric called “máscaras jameñas,” which makes this festival a unique, singular event.

The Carnival celebrations in Alhama de Granada also include live music performances, street food vendors, and a lively atmosphere around Paseo del Cisne that captures the essence of Andalusian festivities.


The Carnival of Almuñécar is a colourful celebration that transforms the city into a scene of fun and joy. Over three days, the streets overflow with parades, music, and dancing, bringing together residents and visitors in a unique festive atmosphere. Creative and colorful costumes flood the streets, while contests and activities for all ages are organized. The Carnival tent, located in the Recinto de Río Verde, becomes the epicenter of the party, offering entertainment for everyone, from inflatable castles and crafts for children to a lively party with live performances and DJs. The traditional Carnival Bike Ride is a fun and inclusive event for all. The highlight of Saturday night is the grand costume contest, while Sunday’s “Family Carnival” features a grand parade and a party with free paella and festive music. An unforgettable experience to enjoy with friends and family.

carnaval almunencar


The Carnival is celebrated in the tent set up at the municipal sports center and includes music, parades, or a costume contest among other activities. The party starts with a family parade from the Town Hall to the tent. Once in the tent, there is a costume parade with three prizes for the best children’s and adult categories. Then, a big party begins with live music and DJs.

La Herradura

During two days full of fun and joy, La Herradura becomes a stage of celebration and color to commemorate the Carnival. The fun begins with the Children’s Carnival, where the little ones parade from the “Las Tejas” football field to Independence Square. Here, in the square, children enjoy a grand party with a costume contest and inflatable attractions. The second day, Saturday, the celebrations continue with another exciting parade and a costume contest. The music from DJs enlivens the atmosphere, creating a festive mood that infects everyone present.
Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Carnival in La Herradura during two unforgettable days of fun and entertainment.


Motril celebrates Carnival with vibrant colours, music, and joy. Over three days, the streets of Motril are filled with the festivities of Carnival, offering a packed agenda of activities primarily focused on the youngest members of the community.
The Carnival kicks off with a lively parade starting from Plaza de la Coronación and winding through the city’s main streets until reaching Plaza de la Aurora. Following the parade, there is a children’s costume party held in the tent set up in the square.
In the afternoon, the official Carnival proclamation takes place in the tent at Plaza de la Aurora, followed by the Children’s and Adults’ Comparsas Contest.
A series of children’s workshops are held, allowing the little ones to create their own costumes, followed by a communal paella accompanied by music. The festivities continue with a dance and entertainment show suitable for the whole family.
Lastly, the Carnival concludes with the symbolic burial of the sardine in Plaza de España, accompanied by fireworks that serve as the grand finale to the celebrations

carnaval motril

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