Easter in the Costa Tropical: A Cultural Spectacle of Devotion and Tradition

Easter in the Costa Tropical region of Granada is a captivating blend of religious fervor, cultural heritage, and the scenic coastal charm that defines this idyllic area. From Almuñécar to Motril and Salobreña, the towns along the Costa Tropical come alive during Holy Week, offering a unique and unforgettable celebration.

Religious Traditions: The heart of Easter in Costa Tropical Granada lies in the rich religious traditions that have been carefully preserved and passed down through generations. The week-long festivities commemorate the Catholic festival of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The towns are adorned with meticulous processions, where brotherhoods meticulously prepare and showcase their devotion through beautifully crafted “pasos” and “tronos” depicting scenes from the biblical narrative.

Easter in Almuñécar

Almuñécar’s Unique Celebration: In Almuñécar, Easter Week holds the prestigious title of being declared of National Tourist Interest in Andalusia, drawing both locals and visitors into the heart of a cultural and religious celebration.

The picturesque streets of this Granada province municipality come alive each year with meticulous preparations by the brotherhoods, culminating in a series of stunning processions that showcase the town’s profound devotion.

easter in almunecar2

As one of the town’s most significant festivities, Easter Week involves extensive planning by the brotherhoods, resulting in 16 carefully orchestrated processional parades. These parades, organized by the Association of Holy Week Brotherhoods, feature beautifully adorned “pasos” and “tronos” carried through the streets by participants, accompanied by brothers and sisters holding candles and banners. The air is filled with emotional music, adding to the overall sense of devotion and reverence.


An intriguing aspect of Almuñécar’s Easter Week is the Celebration of ‘El Paso’ (the Passage) on Good Friday morning. This unique event transforms dozens of locals into actors, reenacting Christ’s journey through Calle de la Amargura. Images of Ntro. Padre Jesús Nazareno, Ntra. Sra. De los Dolores, Santa María Magdalena, and San Juan Evangelista are carried shoulder-high during this symbolic representation. While tradition claims the event’s timelessness, historical studies trace its roots back to the 16th century, with a format that included more players donning masks and allegorical features. By the 17th century, images were incorporated, and today, the Celebration of ‘El Paso’ stands as a captivating blend of historical significance and heartfelt devotion in Almuñécar’s Easter Week.

el paso 3

Motril's Lively Atmosphere in Easter

Motril, a town known for its lively spirit, contributes to the Easter celebrations with colorful processions and cultural events. The diverse brotherhoods meticulously prepare for the week, adding their unique touch to the authenticity of the processions. The vibrant atmosphere is heightened by traditional music echoing through the streets as beautifully adorned floats pass by, carrying religious figures such as the Virgin Mary and Christ.

easter motril2

Easter celebrations in Salobreña

 Nestled along the coast, Salobreña infuses its Easter celebrations with a coastal perspective. The town’s picturesque streets become the backdrop for processions featuring participants carrying “pasos” adorned with flowers and religious images. Salobreña’s Easter Week offers a serene and meaningful experience, blending the solemnity of tradition with the breathtaking beauty of the coastal landscape. Salobreña’s Holy Week stands out for its picturesque character. From Tuesday to Good Friday, various brotherhoods parade through the narrow, white streets of the Old Town. The culmination of the municipality’s Holy Week processions is the “Procesión de la Soledad” on Good Friday. This procession is noteworthy as hundreds of women, dressed in solemn mourning attire, accompany it in silence, providing a poignant conclusion to the week’s solemn events.

easter salobrena 3

 Throughout Costa Tropical Granada, Easter becomes a unifying force, bringing locals and visitors together in a shared experience of culture and tradition. The processions wind through historic neighborhoods, creating a sense of community spirit that transcends the religious aspects of the celebration. As the aroma of traditional Easter foods fills the air, the towns along the Costa Tropical become a melting pot of cultural richness and spiritual reflection.

Easter in the Costa Tropical of Granada is a journey into a world where tradition, devotion, and coastal beauty converge. From the distinctive Celebration of ‘El Paso’ in Almuñécar to the lively atmosphere of Motril and the coastal charm of Salobreña, the Easter celebrations along the Costa Tropical are a testament to the region’s cultural tapestry and the enduring spirit of community

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