Find a nearby Police Stations on the Costa Tropical

If you need to file a complaint in Granada, you can do it by phone on 091, online, or going to one of the police stations we list below.
There is also a specific telephone hotline for tourists coming from abroad: 902 102 112. Available in English, French, German, and Italian.

Please note that some incidents are not reporttable thorugh the virtual reporting office of the National Police Force:

· If the incident you intend to report involved physical violence, sexual violence or intimidation

· If the perpetrator of the incident is/are know or could be physically identified.

· If you are aware of the existence of witness who may have witnessed the crime.

· If the individual is a minor.

· If the crime is currently being committed “in flagrante delicto” you must report it immediately through the phone numbers: 091 or 112.

If you remort a crime/offence online, you will have to sign the report in one police station within 72 hours.


Policía Municipal de Almuñécar
Location: Av. Juan Carlos I, 1, 18690 Almuñécar
Tel: 958 63 94 30

Guardia Civil:
Location: Calle Colorado 1, 18690, Almuñécar
Tel: 958639420

La Herradura

Guardia Civil:
Location: Calle La Mezquita, 18690, La Herradura
Tel: 958639420


Policía Local
Location: C. Fuente-A, s/n, 18680 Salobreña
Tel: 958 61 10 59

Guardia Civil:
Location: Calle Isaac Albeniz 8, 18680 Salobreña
Tel: 958 610 423


Comisaría de Motril
Location: Calle Aguas del Hospital s/n
Teléfono: 958834875

Comisaría del Puerto de Motril
Location: Avenida Julio Moreno (recinto portuario)
Teléfono: 958866318

Guardia Civil:
Location: Paseo del Puerto, 29, 18613 Motril
Tel: 900 101 062

Guardia Civil de Tráfico:
Location: Carretera Almeria, 27, 18600 Motril
Tel: 958 60 04 80

Vélez de Venaudalla

Guardia Civil:
Location: Calle Mariana Pineda 59, 18670, Vélez de Benaudalla
Tel: 958658016

La Mamola

Guardia Civil:
Location: Avenida Dr. Sánchez Moreno, 73, 18750, La Mamola
Tel: 958 82 95 25


Guardia Civil:
Location: Carretera Visillo, 0 S N, 18700 Albuñol
Tel: 958 82 60 03


Guardia Civil:
Location: Calle Dr. Jiménez Díaz, 0, 18730 Calahonda
Tel: 958 62 33 15

Castell de Ferro

Guardia Civil:
Location: Castell de Ferro
Tel: 958 65 60 07


Guardia Civil:
Location: Calle Torrecilla 3, 18680, Dúrcal
Tel: 958780002


Guardia Civil:
Location: Carretera Suspiro del Moro 58, 18698, Otívar
Tel: 958645040

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