Unique coffee flavors and street food

Seeking quality in all our products In our quest for the highest possible quality of the products we serve, we decided some time ago to roast our own coffee. From this decision arises our specialty coffee brand, Santo Amaro (, and our training process in the world of barismo.

The best coffee must be accompanied by the best products, such as fresh milk from the Los Pastoreros cooperative farm, Brioche and Bagel from the Juanito workshop), avocados and mangoes from the region, the best homemade cakes…

Don’t miss out on the best breakfasts and snacks in La Herradura, with the best views by the seaside. You can also enjoy our Benedictine eggs, Galician blonde cow burgers, and much more, all prepared by us.


P.º Andrés Segovia, 20, 18697 La Herradura, Granada,18697,La Herradura



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