Embracing Diversity: Exploring LGBTQ+ Friendly Places in the Costa Tropical

LGBTQ+ Friendly beaches in the Costa Tropical

The Costa Tropical, nestled along the southern coast of Spain in the province of Granada, boasts breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and a welcoming atmosphere. In recent years, it has also gained recognition for its inclusivity and LGBTQ+ friendliness. From quaint coastal towns to quiet beaches, this region offers a diverse array of LGBTQ+-welcoming spaces where individuals can feel safe, supported, and celebrated. As acceptance and diversity continue to flourish, the Costa Tropical stands as a beacon of inclusivity, inviting all to embrace their true selves and celebrate love in all its forms. Let’s embark on a journey to discover some of these remarkable places.

Beaches in Almuñecar Cantarrijan

Cantarriján Nudist Beach – La Herradura
Isolated nudist beach formed by two coves. It’s one of the most hidden beaches thanks to its natural surroundings. Access is by a steep 2km path through a nature reserve. Access from the coast road is to the west of the Cerro Gordo road tunnel. In the summer months, car access is prohibited and you need to take the minibus to go down to the beach (return ticket is 2 euros). Cantarriján It’s composed of two bays surrounded by cliffs. The first beach has umbrellas, beach bars, and showers, while the second one is completely wild and nudist. It’s at the other end, near the cliffs, where most gay nudists settle in.

Playa la Joya Torrenueva

Playa de la Joya – Torrenueva
A small nudist beach in a secluded cove. It’s a must-stop for those who enjoy relaxing and meeting new people, as there is a lively gay atmosphere in its coves. It is located 1km from Torrenueva. There is a renovated parking area where you can leave your car, and from there, a staircase path in fairly good condition leads directly to the beach. Thanks to this, it is not very crowded. It is about 300 meters in length. It is predominantly nudist, but there are also textile beachgoers, although they are a minority. The beach is made up of fine to medium-grain dark sand. It does not have any services. It can also be accesed from the town of Torreueva along the coastal trail that starts from the Jolúca Cliff Viewpoint.

El Muerto Beach Beaches in Almuñecar

El Muerto Naturist Beach – Almuñécar
Secluded cove beach surrounded by rocks which can only be accessed on foot from the Cotobro beach (at the western end of the Almuñécar promenade). The people who frequent this beach are mainly adults without children. Officially designated a nudist bathing area, it is also popular for being gay-friendly. It has a kiosk that serves home made vermout, cold drinks and food (pizzas and roscas). It is one of the prime gay cruising beaches in Granada, with very beautiful and discreet areas.

Playa de Carchuna

Carchuna Beach – Motril
It has a very extensive length of around 3000 meters and an average width of 40 meters. Despite being quite popular, it offers a peaceful atmosphere. Carchuna beach is a gay area where one can engage in cruising and have spontaneous encounters with other guys. It is surrounded by intensive greenhouse crops. The surface composition is medium gray sand and gravel. It has calm waters for swimming.

There are residential developments, a campsite, and a hotel. It has a castle located at the edge of the sea, which in the past served as a military building to protect the area from Berber attacks.

Beach facilities: Parking, surveillance equipment, phones, nautical rentals, bus service, danger signs, showers, umbrellas, sunbeds, local police, beach cleaning, trash bins, Red Cross station. The beach has access for people with disabilities. It also has a beach football field, a beach volleyball court, a table tennis area, and barbecue areas.

You can also find restaurants, beach bars, refreshment kiosks, ice cream stands, etc., and water sports companies.

Pedestrian access is easy, with a compacted sand walkway in the dry area and boardwalks leading to the wet area along the entire beach.

Access is also available via urban bus. Currently, there are two main parking areas, one in the Chucha area and another in the Urbanización La Perla area.

LGBTQ+ Friendly hotels in the Costa Tropical

Cruising spots the Costa Tropical

Cruising spots in Motril

  • Calle Gerardo Esteva: Between Gerardo Esteva de la Torre street and the ring road, there’s a zigzagging park where people wander, just sitting on a bench and taking a look around. The park itself is quite intimate, but it’s also close to many discreet spots. It’s usually better in the late evening or mid-morning.
  • Paseo de los Álamos Park. In the poplar grove.
  • Reed beds on the new road (natural area) In the reed beds along the new road to the port of Motril, there’s always activity; just walk around and make eye contact. Full of very intimate spots among the reeds.
  • Playa de las Azucenas parking: you can practice discrete sex near the wood bridge.
  • Playa del Cañón. On the beach or among the reeds.
  • Alcampo Shopping Centre. In the toilets it is a good spot for cruising, plenty of people of all ages go there.
  • Playa La Joya (Torrenueva). There is cruising near the lighthouse, in the parking area of the beach and also on the rocky part, close to the right, there’s a small cove. It’s a very discreet and safe place for cruising.
  • Between La Chucha and Carchuna. Natural area. A good spot under the road below the bridge, where water doesn’t usually flow. From La Chucha to Carchuna beach via the coastal road, next to the greenhouses.

Cruising spots in Salobreña

  • Playa Punta del Río. Cruising area on the beach, nudist atmosphere. Beach between the Guadalfeo River of Salobreña and Granada Beach. You have to pass Club 18 nudos. You have to walk along the beach. Area with vegetation and hidden spots. Good gay atmosphere.
  • Canebrake natural area. Area of canebrake on the side of the Guadalfeo River. Accessible by vehicle or on foot.
  • Parking at Calle Caña de Azúcar. Hidden place for cruising at night

Cruising spots in Almuñécar

  • Parque Mediterráneo. It’s an excellent spot for casual sex and hay cruising. Along the park, there are guys doing sports. Down below, among the rocks on the beach, you can hook up and have fun among the dense trees of the park. Some couples park their car next to the Calabajio restaurant and head down to have sex on the beach. Gay and bisexual individuals are inside the park.
  • Parque acuático Aquatropic. Right behind the Aquatropic water park, on a seaside trail that crosses from one side to the other of the park.
  • Almuñecar Bus Station. Toilets
  • Torrecuevas esplanade. Car cruising at night.
  • Playa del Muerto. In the rocks area there is cruising during the day, specially in the afternoon.

Cruising spots in La Herradura

  • Parque de Las maravillas. You reach it by going up through the cemetery along the road upwards to the road to the Punta de la Mona (new ascent), there are two parks and the lower one has hidden paths where you can hide.
  • Playa de Cantarriján. At the end of the nudist beach, people of all ages eager for entertainment gather. There are scattered rocks and areas with vegetation. Always glances and touching happening at all times.
  • Mirador de Cerro Gordo. Cruising at Cerro Gordo viewpoint. It’s an idyllic spot, with very good views and secluded walks to play with a lot of excitement.

Cruising spots in La Mamola

Road shoulder area between La Mamola and Castillo de Baños, in the morning when athletes go out for a run among the rocks or through several hiding spots. They treat themselves and continue running. Mostly, they are young people between 20 and 45 years old.

Playa La Mamola: At La Mamola Beach, at the end of the urban area, you’ll find athletes who go out for a run in the morning, and in the evening, some truck drivers and those who enjoy the last hours of sun, waiting for dusk to take action.

Cruising spots in Castell de Ferro

Natural area next to the caravan camping site. During the summer nights, there’s a pathway between some greenhouses and the caravan camping site, which is a good spot for cruising.

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