Car Parks in Granada

Parking El Triunfo
Avda. de la Constitución, s/n
Tel: +34 958 207 336

Parking Alhambra
Camino Viejo del Cementerio, s/n 18009

Parking Ganivet
Ganivet, 9-11
Tel: +34 958 225 530

Parking La Caleta Hospital
Plaza de La Caleta, s/n
Coordenates: 37.187329,-3.610343

Parking Estadio Nuevo los Cármenes
Avenida Torre de Comares s/n
Tel: +34 958 814 191

Parking Palacio de Congresos
Paseo del Violón
Tel: +34 958 817167

Parking Puerta Real
Acera del Darro, 30.
Tlf: 958 216630

Parking Rex
Recogidas, 38
Tel: +34 958 251 634

Parking San Juan de Dios
López Argüeta, 3
Tel: +34 958 276 702

Parking San Agustín
Plaza de San Agustín
Tel: +34 958 270 431

Parking Pedro Antonio de Alarcón
Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, 40
Tel: +34 958 26 17 21

Parking San Lázaro Centro
Plaza de San Lázaro, s/n
Tel: +34 958 200 961
Coordenates: 37.186766,-3.606964

Parking Trex
Plaza de los campos 4
Tel: +34 958 222 061

Parking Torres Neptuno
Neptuno, S/N
Tel: +34 958 535 343

Parking Violón
Paseo del Violón
Tel: +34 958 101 501


La Herradura



Parking in Spain can be a logistical challenge, particularly within most city centres where on-street parking typically involves fees and regulations.

For those who share the preference for venturing beyond urban areas and exploring the quaint towns of Spain, it’s worth noting that these towns often provide a more authentic experience of Spanish life and culture. To access these towns, renting a car is often the most convenient and flexible option, though some locations can also be reached by bus or train.

When it comes to Spanish towns and villages, experiencing them on foot is the ideal way to go rather than observing them from behind a car window. Upon arrival at your chosen destination, it’s advisable to seek out a suitable parking spot and then explore the town on foot.

However, the prospect of finding adequate parking in Spain can indeed be a daunting task.

Upon reaching a town you wish to explore, it’s a good idea to look for signage directing you to a tourist office, as these offices often provide information about parking facilities. Pay a visit to the tourist center and ask for recommendations regarding where to leave your vehicle.

In order to make your visit smoother, it’s recommended to avoid driving through the central areas of any town or village. The streets typically tend to be narrow, often situated on hilly terrain, filled with one-way routes, and can be challenging to navigate, especially if you’re not familiar with the area.

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