Costa Tropical Beaches: Albuñol

Your guide to the best beaches

Welcome to our guide to the best beaches in the municipality of Albuñol, nestled within the picturesque Costa Tropical of Spain. With its stunning coastline, Albuñol offers a diverse array of beaches, each with its own unique charm and appeal. Whether you’re seeking vibrant shores teeming with activity or secluded coves for a tranquil escape, you’ll find a perfect spot to soak up the sun and savor the beauty of the Mediterranean.

From the lively atmosphere of semi-urban beaches like El Pozuelo, where clean waters and coarse sand await sun-seekers, to the secluded tranquility of hidden gems like Playa la Joya, there’s a beach to suit every preference and mood. Whether you’re a water sports enthusiast looking for adventure or simply craving a serene retreat by the sea, the beaches of Albuñol offer an idyllic setting to unwind and recharge.

Let us be your trusted companion in discovering the hidden treasures of Albuñol’s coastline. Get ready to dive in and experience the magic of the Costa Tropical’s best-kept secrets.

Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or simply a moment of solitude, our guide will help you find the perfect spot to soak up the sun and savor the beauty of the Costa Tropical.

Here we explore the best beaches in Albuñol

La Rabita beach

La Rábita 
A popular resort for Spanish people. La Playa de la Rábita is an extensive urban beach, nearly one kilometer long and with an average width of 30 meters, composed of gray gravel. It is the only beach in the area that offers various amenities. The beach has a children’s play area, public restrooms, Red Cross surveillance, showers, parking, recreational and sports areas, etc. Along the promenade you eill find tapas bars, restaurants, supermarkets and small shops. La Rábita has become increasingly popular in recent years.

playa el ruso2

El Ruso Naturist beach 
It’s a naturist beach emanating peace and tranquility, also known as Lance Nuevo Beach. This cove, nestled between cliffs only 800 meters from the center of La Rábita, features natural springs, which make it an area of high ecological value. Quiet with a low level of occupancy, its sands are dark and its waters crystal clear. A magnificent spot for diving. It can only be reached by walking along the trail that starts from the access road to La Rábita, in the high area, next to a villa. The effort is well worth it because the scenery is spectacular. El Ruso Beach is actually two coves connected by a narrow strip of shore, but most people camp in the second cove, which is much more sheltered. The beach was renamed El Ruso in honor of Basilio Lukianov, a Russian lieutenant who fled the Soviet Union in 1921 and settled there, living off the land and assisting both farmers and fishermen. The locals grew so fond of him that they still bring flowers to the place.

cala chilches1

Cala Chilches
This beach is located between Melicena and La Rábita. It is an isolated gravel and sand beach that is 15 meters wide and 300 meters long. During the high season, this beach is usually not very crowded.
It is a beach with calm waters and dark sand.
Access must be done on foot, with the nearest road being the CN-340. It does not have access for people with disabilities. The beach has an unsupervised parking lot with fewer than 50 spaces.

Playa El Pozuelo Albunol

The small coastal town of El Pozuelo, belonging to the municipality of Albuñol in the province of Granada, has a beach approximately one kilometer long and about 25 meters wide. It is a semi-urban beach that tends to be crowded during the high season. As always on the Costa Tropical, the waters are usually very clean and the sand is gray and quite coarse.

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