Bañuelo of Granada: Moorish Baths Unveiling Centuries of History


The Arab Baths

This Arab bathhouse, known as El Banuelo, is older than the Alhambra. The baths were built in the 11th century beside the Bridge of Cadi, on the picturesque Carrera del Darro. The bathhouse contains a vestibule, refreshment and relaxation room, warm and hot rooms and a heating area. The floors are of marble and above the columns is a dome pierced by tiny stars. The baths are accessed via acourtyard with numerous potted plants surrounding a small pool. 

The baths are open Tuesday to Saturday from 9am – 14:30pm / 17:00-20:30 pm in the summer (September 15th until April 30th) and from 10am – 17pm in the winter (from May 1st until September 14th). Phone: +34 (0)95 802 7800.

You can access Al Bañuelo with the Monumentos Andalusíes (Andalusian Monuments) ticket or the Dobla de Oro ticket, which includes: the Palace of Dar al-Horra, the Corral del Carbón, Al Bañuelo, and the Casa Horno de Oro.

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