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Renting a car in Granada / Costa Tropical

The south of Spain is one of the few remaining places in Europe where driving is a pleasure. Traffic in the countryside is light – in some areas it is possible to drive for miles without seeing another car – and the scenery in this part of the world is unrelentingly spectacular. The roads themselves are generally superb. The only thing you have to look out for are lunatic Spanish drivers; because there is no denying that Spaniards are in a league of their own when it comes to insane driving. Spain has the highest road mortality rate in Europe, second to Portugal. It is not that Spaniards don’t know how to drive (Spain has one of the toughest driving tests in the world); it’s just that they tend to drive on the motorway as if they were on a track at le Mans. If you are a nervous or inexperienced driver you would be well advised to avoid the main motorways as much as possible, and stick to the scenic routes.

Low rental rates

Renting a car in the south of Spain is a very straightforward matter, and car rental charges here are among the lowest in Europe. Rental cars also tend to be in very good condition. One important thing to note is that the accepted method of payment is by credit card, and payment in cash is usually not acceptable.
To hire a car you will be required to show your passport and your driver’s licence. A full US or European licence is valid in Spain for visitors to the country.
There are numerous car hire companies in the Granada / Costa Tropical area, but it is nevertheless advisable to book in advance of your arrival.
Below are the website links and/or contact details of some of the most well-established car hire firms in the Granada region that accept online/telephone bookings.

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