From Bean to Cup: Delve into the World of Coffee at La Herradura Coffee Farm

Coffee Farm La Herradura

Did you know that Europe’s only coffee bean farm is on the Costa Tropical? Located in a stunning natural setting in La Herradura, this tropical fruit farm offers a guided tour that combines education and entertainment. Explore the secrets of Europe’s northernmost coffee plantation.

During the approximately 90-minute tour, visitors are given the opportunity to explore the plantation and learn about the coffee production process, from planting to harvesting. Additionally, they can discover up to 35 different varieties of crops with sustainable agriculture practices.

The private guided tour of Europe’s only coffee plantation is available from Tuesday to Sunday, with varying hours depending on the season. Those interested should book their visit in advance to secure their spot. The tour is conducted by a guide who speaks Spanish and English.

Coffee Farm La Herradura

Additionally, visitors will be able to delve into the region’s rich culture and heritage, along with experiencing the time-honoured practices of farm operation. They’ll also have the opportunity to discover diverse crops like red bananas, star fruit (dragon fruit), and black sapote, also known as chocolate fruit, or exotic plants difficult to find like longan, yuzu, or jackfruit. The tour includes a visit to the oldest mango tree in the Iberian Peninsula, a forest of hundred-year-old cherimoya trees, and a modern mango plantation. They are taught about the pollination of pitahayas and, with luck, they may spot chameleons, partridges, eagles, or even a royal owl.

At the end of the tour, visitors are taken to the traditional farmhouse, enjoy a fruit tasting, and given the opportunity to take home a specially ground and prepared coffee package from the farm as a memento of their experience.

coffe farm2

If you’re looking for an educational and enjoyable experience during your stay on the Costa Tropical, don’t miss the chance to visit La Herradura coffee farm. With its unique blend of culture, relaxation and adventure, this guided tour promises to be an unforgettable experience for all coffee lovers and nature enthusiasts.

Price: 14,88 euros. Minimum 2 people. They reccommend wearing long pants, a hat, and closed-toe shoes. Access is possible with a camper van.

Address: Diseminado Rio Jate Pol 21, 162, 18690, Granada


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