Ruta circular Acequias de Dílar

Acequias Alta y Baja de Dílar

Descubra un sendero tranquilo salpicado de múltiples miradores que ofrecen panorámicas impresionantes de los Alayos y el Valle del Río Dílar. Perfecto para familias con niños y perros, esta ruta ofrece un terreno accesible prometiendo una excursión al aire libre placentera para todos.


You can park your car next to the Zerbinetta Hotel. From there, you follow along the edge of the Upper Irrigation Channel. The route is refreshing, with super views of the Alayos, the highest peaks in this area. You will encounter several aqueducts crossing ravines, with cables installed for safe passage. Upon reaching the path leading to the Forest House of Ermita Vieja, near the parking area of the Dílar River recreational area and the Los Alayos Inn, you need to turn left towards the river, then cross the bridge and continue along the Factory Road downstream. In this section there is vehicular traffic, as it is the access road to the recreational area. Cross the river when you get to the paved road, and ascend a short stretch until you reach a concrete path. Follow this path and you will arrive at an area of orchards and fruit trees.

Acequias Alta y Baja de Dílar
Acequias Alta y Baja de Dílar

Keep going until you reach the Lower Irrigation Channel on the right-hand side, and follow the trail alongside it. This leads to the Barranquillo spring, a water distribution point for the irrigation channels, located in a lush ravine of the same name. A little further on you will reach a viewpoint called Mirador de Charnaquerock. There is a table and seats to rest and admire the landscape.

Continue along the trail, passing through orchard areas, until you arrive at the village of Dílar. Walk uphill until the hotel comes into view, and carry on until you arrive back where you started.

Acequias Alta y Baja de Dílar

Distancia: 10,2 km

Desnivel positivo: 135

Altitud máxima

Duración: 3 horas

Dificultad: Sencilla



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