Nerja Caves: A Stalactite Wonderland Beneath the Spanish Sun

The Crystal Caves of Nerja

The Caves of Nerja are a rocky formation of crystalline dolomites dating back more than 250,000 years. Technically just outside the boundaries of Granada, the caves are located in the village of Maro, just a few kilometres from the town of Nerja.

A narrow entrance to the caves was discovered in 1959 by five local boys hunting for bats. In 1960, a larger entrance was constructed to facilitate easy access for tourists, unveiling a breathtaking subterranean landscape adorned with mesmerizing stalactites and stalagmites. Wall paintings found inside the caves date from the Palaeolithic and post-Palaeolithic periods while skeletal remains and other artefacts indicate that the caves were inhabited from about 25,000 BC up until the Bronze Age.


Visiting the Nerja Cave is to explore a natural monument declared a Cultural Heritage Site since 2006, with the category of Archaeological Zone. Additionally, it is an Artistic Historical Monument and a “Place of Spanish geological interest of international relevance,” proposed by the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain, due to its paleontological and geomorphological interest.

During the summer months, the Nerja Caves gardens transform into a natural amphitheater, hosting a variety of cultural events including pageants, concerts, and ballets.

Explore the caves taking advantage of the visitor center, restaurant, bar, gift shop, and convenient car park facilities. Families with children will delight in the dedicated play area, providing entertainment for little adventurers.. 

Cueva de Nerja 2

Opening times: Summer (June 23rd-September 8th) and Easter: 09.30 – 7pm (last access at 6pm). Rest of year 09.30 – 4.30pm (last access at 3:30pm). Admission is just 12,75 € if book online / 14 € at the office. Admission during bank holidays and summer (June 23rd-September 11th): Adults 13,75 € online / 15 € at the office. Children under 6 years olf: free, children older than 6 years old: 2 euros.

Guided tours in Nerja

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