Exploring Granada's tapas scene: where tradition meets flavor

Granada is a city renowned for its vibrant nightlife and exceptional tapas culture. In Granada, going out for tapas is a big part of daily life. It’s not just about eating; it’s about community and conversation. Granadinos head out in the evening to meet friends and family at their favorite bars, moving from one place to another, enjoying a different tapa with each drink. This tradition, known as “tapeo,” lets people try many flavors while socializing in a relaxed atmosphere. The tapas culture in Granada shows the city’s hospitality and love for enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Tapas in Granada are not just snacks; they are a culinary tradition deeply embedded in the local lifestyle. One of the most delightful aspects of the tapas scene in Granada is its variety. In some bars, you will be asked to choose your tapa from a menu, allowing you to sample exactly what tempts your taste buds. In other places, the experience is more adventurous, as the tapa changes with each round of drinks, providing a surprise with every order. This mix of predictability and surprise makes tapas hopping in Granada an exciting and delicious way to explore the city’s flavors. Lets discover the best bars in Granada.

Bodegas Castañeda

 This is an iconic spot in the heart of Granada since 1927, renowned for the finest vermouth, tapas, and Iberian cold cuts. We highly recommend their famous cold or hot boards (tabla fría or tabla caliente) which are an assortment of tapas (typically enough for 3 or 4 people). Also, do not miss to try the typical drink “calicasas”, contanining vermout, sweet wine and soda, among other secret ingredients. Address: Calle Almireceros 1.

bodegas castaneda

Saint Germain

A recommended spot for wine lovers near Gran Vía and Mercado de San Agustín. They offer an extensive wine list including wines from various regions, available by the glass or bottle. This bar is also renowned for its variety and quality of tostas, cured meats, cheeses, and giant “salaillas.”  The tapas are excellent and differ from traditional Granada tapas, although they are not selectable. If you’re a wine aficionado looking to try different wines served with unique tapas, this is the place for you. We recommend getting there early (1 pm at noon or 8 pm in the evening), as it fills up quickly. Reservations are necessary for dining on the terrace. Address: C. Postigo Velutti, 4. Tel: 958200037.

st germain

Los Altramuces

Abundant and delicious tapas in the heart of Realejo. This bar is located in Campo del Príncipe, one of the most historic, and emblematic squares in Granada. This district is perpetually alive with local residents enjoying beers and tapas at the multitude of bars and terraces that encircle it. In addition to tapas, they serve many types of traditional Andalusian dishes. Ideal for families, as children can play on the swings in the square. Address: Campo del Príncipe s/n.

los altramuces

Taberna Granados

Located near the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias and El Corte Inglés, Taberna Granados is one of the oldest bars in Granada. Its interior boasts traditional, with soft lighting, wooden furniture, and tiled walls. Whether at the bar, inside tables, or on the terrace, you can enjoy Granados’ tapas. While tapas aren’t selectable with drinks, rest assured that they are all worth trying. Address: Carrera de la Virgen, 44.

taberna granados

Café Bar Damasqueros

 Another great tapas bar in Realejo. In summer, we recommend sitting on the terrace and observing the lively street life of Realejo, while in winter its interior is very warm and cosy, and board games are available on request. Address: Cuesta del Realejo, 3.


La Tabernilla del Darro

Tabernilla del Darro is a charming bar and restaurant located on the iconic street Acera del Darro on the foot of the Alhambra. This was a former arab cistern (aljibe) turn into a cozy taver known for its inviting atmosphere. They have a wide range of wines and plates of local Granada cuisine in an innovative way. We specially reccomend ordering local artichokes with ham or the board of granadinian cheese. Address: Puente de Espinosa, 15.

tabernilla del darro

Taberna Jerez

Another of our favourite places is Taberna Jerez, located in the heart of Realejo neighbourhood next to Santo Domingo Square. It offers homemade and generous tapas that you can choose, including roasted ham, pork loin, chicken pinchitos, Argentinian style chorizo, mushrooms or seafood like clam and mussels. With only five tables available on the terrace, you have to arrive early, but it’s a perfect spot to enjoy these savory delights in the open air. Plus, if you’re still hungry after the tapas, you can order additional portions to satisfy your appetite. We reccomend “secreto ibérico” meat that comes with chips or with “pimientos del padrón” (green spicy fried peppers). Address: Calle Carnicería, 1, Centro

taberna jerez

Casa Salvador

Casa Salvador is located near El Corte Inglés. It offers authentic traditional Granadian cuisine in a warm and inviting ambiance, with its traditional-style decor. Here, you can savor the most traditional homemade dishes, such habas con jamón (broad beans with ham),  carne en salsa (pork meat in tomato sauce), quail egg with chips or croquettes. Be ready to select your tapa from the menu. Address: Calle Duende 6.

casa salvador

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