Two teenagers have absconded with the figurine of Baby Jesus from a Nativity scene in Alicante and are now holding it hostage for a ransom of 2,000 euros! This incident unfolded in Sant Vicent del Raspeig, where the culprits, operating under the username “Secuestradores de San Vicente” (Kidnappers of San Vicente), have broadcasted their ransom demands on TikTok. Surprisingly, their appeal is directed not towards the Virgin Mary or Joseph, but rather the municipal police. In a video shared online, the kidnappers showcase themselves alongside the captive Baby Jesus, surrounded by a display of 10 and 20-euro notes. They further accuse the Policía Local of neglecting the proper care of the beloved nativity figure. The footage also captures the actual abduction of the figurine from its nativity scene, situated between Calle Pintor Sorolla and Calle Lillo Juan, as the culprits swiftly stash Baby Jesus into the trunk of a car. The Town Hall is far from pleased with this audacious act and has promptly instructed the various police forces operating within the municipality to swiftly resolve this matter. However, there has been no mention of acquiescing to the ransom demands in the official response.

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