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Rancho Everfree is a small stable run by a team of horse lovers. We are part of the Finca Mariposa which is a small holiday resort only a few minutes walk from us. We offer horse riding to guests from the resort and outside.

The happiness of our horses is important to us and we support a natural horsemanship approach allowing them freedom of living outside in their small herd.

Rancho Everfree is located in a very beautiful scenery. We are in the mountains with spectacular views over the sea and the mountains. The thing we love most is to share this amazing experience with you.

We offer trail rides for every age and level of experience.

For smaller kids and beginners we have a one hour trail ride on the leadrope.

For experienced riders we offer longer trail rides starting from two hours.

Highlights: O
ur beautiful BEACH RIDE and our very special MULTI-DAYS RIDE

A must do for all experienced horse lovers who want to see more of this beautiful countryside. A truly unique experience.

Our horses are very calme and are used to the surroundings where we organize the trailrides. Before we start the ride out, we let you get to know your horse first in the arena. It is very important that you feel safe and comfortable.

Pony Ride

Our Pony Ride is a 45 minutes activity for kids. The focus is on the first contact with a pony, on playing games and getting to know the horses in a light-hearted way. We do lots of little games where kids learn unconsciously how to use their bodies, balance… on a horse.
This activity is meant for children between 2 and 6 years.

Pony Pass

The Pony Pass is a four week lesson series. Every week we organize a lesson where we focus on a new subject. The subjects go from tacking up a horse ’till riding a horse on your own.

We offer different lessons according to the age category of the kid:
* Mini Pass: This pass is meant for children from three years old ’till seven years old.
* Junior Pass: This one is meant for children from 8 years old ’till 11 years old.
* Teens pass: This pass is meant for older children starting from the age of 11.

We organize the Pony Pass in small groups so we can focus on each child indivually. In every age cathegory we focus on different aspects on how to learn more about the horses and horseriding. At the end of every series we organize a ‘show off’ moment to show the parents or family what they have learned.

Riding lessons

At Rancho Everfree we offer riding lessons for everyone. Your age or level of experience doesn’t matter. We have a horse for everyone’s needs and we adjust our lessons to the needs of the rider.

Katti is our main instructor. She uses a very calm approach. There is always room for questions or remarks. We try to learn the rider why we do certain handlings and movements on the horse. We think it’s very important to know why we do something and what the impact is on the horse.


We offer equinetherapy for children with special needs. That can be physical limits and/or mental topics like anxiety, ADHD, autism and much more . It’s proven that horses have a therapeutic effect on people. Our horses are very sensitive and kind wich makes them perfect partners for a equinetherapy sessions.

We also work with adults, but only on physical issues.

Katti is a certified equinetherapy coach. Together with one of our horses she coaches to a jointly determined point.

Each session is 45 Min.


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