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Things to see and do in Granada and the Costa Tropical

There are so many interesting things to see in Granada and the Costa Tropical that it is difficult to know which ones to include in any list. Spain is not so much a country as a mini-continent, and the landscape is full of surprising contrasts – nowhere moreso than on the south coast.
The entire region of Andalusia is rich in ancient ruins, historic buildings, important monuments, spectacular natural and geological features and breathtaking views, in addition to having the most diverse flora and fauna in Europe, including rare and exotic species of plants, flowers, insects, birds and mammals (in fact more than two thirds of all Europe’s wildlife is to be found in this region).
The geography and the climatic conditions here are also unique. There can be few other places in the world where it is possible to drive from the sub-zero temperatures and snow of winter (Granada city in December-January) to the “summer” warmth of the tropical coast in under an hour. And where else would you find a bonafide desert just an hour’s drive from a lush tropical valley?

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