The Crystal Caves of Nerja

The Crystal Caves of Nerja

The Caves of Nerja are a rocky formation of crystalline dolomites dating back more than 250,000 years. Technically just outside the boundaries of Granada, the caves are located in the village of Maro, just a few kilometres from the town of Nerja. A narrow entrance to the caves was discovered in 1959 by five local boys hunting for bats, and a larger entrance was built in 1960 to allow easy access for tourists. Wall paintings found inside the caves date from the Palaeolithic and post-Palaeolithic periods while skeletal remains and other artefacts indicate that the caves were inhabited from about 25,000 BC up until the Bronze Age.
These spectacular caves are used as a natural theatre where pageants concerts and ballets are staged during the summer months. There is a visitors centre, a restaurant, a bar, a gift shop and a car park. There is also a childrens’ play area. Opening times: July and August 09.30 – 8pm. Rest of year 09.30 – 6.30pm. Admission is just €5.

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