The Alpujarra

Also known as Las Alpujarras. This area of mountain villages, located between the highest mountains in Spain and the Mediterranean Sea, is famous for its unique mini-ecology. Its terraced farmlands are continuously irrigated by the melting snow from above, resulting in a high-altitude oasis of vegetation which stands in dramatic contrast to the barren foothills below. The valleys of the western Alpujarras are among the most fertile in Spain, and there is an abundance of fruit trees, especially grape vines, oranges, lemons, cherries, persimmons, figs and almonds. The wildlife includes mountain goats, wild boar, foxes, eagles, goshawks and partridges. Sheep graze the hillsides, and the rivers teem with trout. The area is one of outstanding natural beauty, and to the Spanish, the very name “Las Alpujarras” has connotations of magic, mystery and supernatural power; and, whether real or imaginary, many people who visit the Alpujarra describe it as having a strange, inexplicable energy. Chris Stewart’s best-seller, “Driving Over Lemons”, was set here.

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