Aquatropic Water Park


Aquatropic is situated right on Velilla Beach, just a short stroll from Almuñecar town centre, on the Costa Tropical. The park is quite large (18,000 square metres) and offers a range of water features, including slides (“ring-rapids” and, for the more adventurous, “kamikaze”). There are also a number of swimming pools catering for people of all ages. There is a wave machine, a waterfall, revolving current and a “black hole”. Aquatropic also offers other events and activities, including beach volleyball, massage, and, in the evenings, a disco. There are green areas throughout the park where visitors can relax beneath the shade of palm trees. The park has its own bar and restaurant in addition to a number of outlets serving pizzas, hamburgers, snacks, cold drinks and, of course, ice-cream. A picnic area has been provided for those who would prefer to bring their own lunch. Aquapark is open from mid July to mid September.
For further details, tel +34 958 633316

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