Alhama Hot Springs

Alhama de Granada Hot Springs

For hundreds of years the mineral-rich thermal springs at Alhama have been credited with possessing revitalizing and therapeutic properties, and in particular are believed to relieve rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, myalgic pain, certain skin problems and many respiratory conditions. The springs have been channelled into baths since Roman times.
Alhama de Granada is a picturesque little town just half-an-hour’s drive from Granada city. The town is perched at the top of a ravine through which the river Alhama flows. The hot springs are located in a poplar grove by the banks of the river, just a short distance from the town centre.
The springs are one of Andalusia’s best-kept secrets, rarely mentioned in tourist guides and frequented almost exclusively by locals. By day, the springs are used by families living nearby, and by night they are a popular apres-nightclub “chill out” rendezvous for early morning revellers. To find the springs, take the turn-off beside the modern bridge over the Rio Alham and keep going for approximately 1 kilometer, through a dramatic gorge.
The town of Alhamar is itself well worth a visit. You can read one visitor’s review here, or click here to see a slideshow of photographs taken in and around Alhamar. For further information, phone the tourist office on 958360686.

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